How we spend our tax dollars is clearly the most important duty of our elected officials.  The June 17th City Council meeting will focus on approving the FY2021-2022 budget of $19.5 million and also proposes a five year capital improvement plan. 

The link to that budget is;


We encourage you to look at what is being proposed.  Here are areas we want to highlight;

  • A quote from the proposed budget, (page 8) “Currently, we are conducting a Total Compensation Study and a Pay Equity Study through Koff & Associates that will be presented to the City Council in June 2021. We are proposing a merit budget increase of 5%”.   A 4% was just approved in January 2021.  Why another 5%?  Our town is experiencing a 25% annual turnover.  If we are going to spend money on a survey, it should focus on our turnover problem.
  • Salaries are shown in “ranges”.  Page 27.  Other cities post salaries and not just ranges.  We already have seen that some of our employees are the highest paid in the state for their job responsibilities.  Giving an across the board merit increase will only exasperate that problem.
  • Total FY2021-22 budget is $19.5 million (page 8) FY2020-21 budget was $18.88 million (a 3.3% increase).  Goals summarized in the budget (same page) and the goals shown on page 16 do not reflect the goal setting meeting held earlier in the year.  Who sets them???  What is missing are the goals that the Council as a whole agreed to!
  • Total Expenditures are increased by 16% for 21-22 (page 7).  There is no comparison on a budget to budget basis.   Current year estimated-to actual next year budget basis will show an increase of 19% not 16%.
  • How are the estimated $750,000 federal funds from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) going to be spent (page i)?  What input from residents are being solicited?
  • Town Hall Addition….The genesis for this expansion was to build additional space for community use.  That idea was hijacked into building additional space for town staff.  Page 100 is now stating that $4,700,000 will be needed in ADDITION to the $450,000+ already spent!  What we need is a community center for resident use to help build community.  Stop this wasteful expenditure.

If you see other questionable proposed expenditures, please send us your comments via our Contact Page.  We will forward comments received to our City Council.