Governance –


Our town management has made many mistakes in the past years.  Previous councils have chosen to ignore the problems rather than address them head on.  Because of years of denial, we conclude we have;
1) A toxic environment within Town Hall that has been experiencing an annual turnover of staff of close to 25% for the past 5+ years. 
2)  Existing staff saying, off the record, that having the current CM at Town Hall is making matters worse, not better.  He needs to be removed from the premises ASAP to improve staff morale.
3)  To develop an interim stabilization program while we look for a new CM.
Like any organization that is going through a major reorganization, the rumor mill among staff is thriving.
We need to proceed to solve this situation quickly by;
1)  Forming a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to stabilize Town Hall and in parallel find a new CM ASAP.  City Council needs to create the committee and select a chair for that committee and let he/she form a team of 5-7 people to help facilitate the stabilization process and acquisition of a new CM.
2)  We need to hire a temporary CM, a Director of Planning and a Director of Public Works ASAP.  Those are three key roles that we need to fill rapidly on an interim basis.  We need to right the ship and stop the bleeding of staff.  Goal is to have them in place by July 15 or sooner.  There are firms out there that specialize in providing key talent for cities on a contract basis.
3)  The CAC needs to develop a job responsibility list and then meet with executive search firms to find the best CM fit for our town.   A cautionary note….The web is reinventing how cities search for a CM.   Executive search firms are playing a lesser role in finding the best candidate.  Cities have been getting very creative in searching for a new CM.  For example, here is a link to the Town of Frisco in Colorado of the CM search brochure they put together.   We live in the innovation capital of the work, let’s be creative in the search for our ideal candidate. 
4)  Long-term we need an advisory group who works with staff to make us the Smartest, Safest and Greenest city in California AND ensures we don’t fall into this situation again in the future.

5)  To engage with residents better, we are proposing a new hybrid model for council meetings and standing committee meetings leveraging technology to a whole new level.

We want to keep utilizing technology so that participants can join virtually via Zoom or other sources.