Los Altos Hills – A Joint Venture!

This page is dedicated to promoting resident-generated ideas that can make our town better.  Think of this as our resident’s Brainstorming Page!  We are referring to it as Los Altos Hills – A Joint Venture.

On this page, we will be posting ideas that our residents promote to make our Town better.  Please share your ideas by leaving them on our Contact Page in the message section.    We will post your ideas here and help you promote them to our City Council members.  If you want us to publish your name, we will do it otherwise will will post your idea with no name being mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

1).  Save the Town $200,000.  We do this by enclosing the patio at Town Hall for $200,000 or less, not the current $400,000+ bids.  We accomplish this by hiring a CA licensed General Contractor who works with the town on a cost-plus business model.  The town becomes the “owner” of the construction project and the General Contractor becomes the “contractor of record”.  He or she is putting their license on the line and will perform!  LAH assumes the 10-year contractor’s liability tail.  We take the uncertainty and liability out of the bid which is why bidders have padded their proposal by over $200,000.  This project should be easily built for less than $500 per square foot NOT $1100+.

2).  Let’s build a Community Center following the Portola Valley model.  We should be able to do this for less than $10,000,000 if we embrace their model.

3).  Let’s make our town the smartest city in California by partnering with the private sector to become a demonstration project for governance for other cities.  Let’s become a living laboratory on how the public and private sectors can work together to reinvent the 140+ year old model of self governance that we are currently using.

4).  Let’s develop a hybrid model for resident participation in council meetings and standing committee meetings that leverages technology at a new level.