Questions To City Council Members

On this page, we will be posting questions you would like to ask our City Council members related to the renewal of our City Manager’s contract.   Please share your questions by leaving them on our Petition Page in the comments section.    We will post your questions on this page without naming you, unless you want to be named.  Thanks for sharing.

1).  There has been an ANNUAL 25% rate in staff turnover the past 5 years.  Why?  Why are you not doing in-depth exit interviews to find the source of this excessive turnover?  It is very difficult to run a for-profit company, a non-profit, a city or even a lemonade stand with this type of disruption in operations.

2).  The most recent mistake by Mr. Cahill was the illegal construction of the Tractor Port.  Why were there no consequences for his action that opened our town up to potentially significant legal exposure?  What procedures will be put in place to assure it does not happen again?

3).  The pattern of behavior of many previous council members over the years, knowing Mr. Cahill made costly mistakes, was to ignore those mistakes.  This behavior was just demonstrated by a majority of our current council members regarding the Tractor Port.  Instead of Leading, they were caught Retreating!  Will this council agree to break that cycle that ignores incompetence and LEAD?

4).  The GreenWaste contract negotiations were poorly handled.   As ratepayers we will be paying $6.4 million dollars above what GreenWaste originally proposed.  What procedures will be put in place to assure it does not happen again?

5).  One of the few bright spots of COVID-19, was the ability to participate in city council meetings virtually.  This greatly increased transparency in our town’s governance.  How do we make this permanent and expand it to all standing committee meetings?

6).  Our town is at a key inflection point.  There are growing outside legislative pressures that could negatively impact the quality of life in our town such as SB-9 and SB-10.  Taking the initiative has not been a strength of our CM.   We need a visionary City Manager to help us navigate these troubling waters.  How do we find one?