Safe Petition

We are sorry we have to create a very special “safe” petition to offer a voice in defining  our own Town Government – but we do!   We live in a small town where our town government has quite a bit of control over our lives.  For some, this control may come in the form of planning/building a house or ADU or other permitted projects.  Others might require the approval of projects and activities performed in our many volunteer committees that have very direct LAH staff influence as to whether that project moves forward or not.     These town staff decisions are typically outside of the scope of the council, and under the direct control the City Management.  City Management can directly influence whether you are successful or not in your interaction with the town on many levels over time.

The TTAGS team has already received many emails from residents offering willingness to support a petition to not renew the City Manager contract in June 2021, but requiring that the petition displays support without exactly identification of the resident, staff member or other person.  They site fearing retribution and intimidation for their project or volunteer contributions to the town.

We find it a serious flaw in our current City Management’s working relationship, that residents or staff fear to speak out on ways to improve town management.

To handle this, we are creating a unique petition that allows residents to offer support.   Here is the method we plan to use to authenticate support and methods to share these endorsements with the Town Council  in the future.

You use the form below to submit your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Street name
  • Comments.

This form sends an email to  The TTAGS team then will review the petition support email and decide if an authenticate email is required to verify email and user.

We will then create an internal list of these petition supporter.   From that list we will create a more external petition supporter list that only provides the first two letters of your last name plus your street name.  So it would look like:

Last Name Two Letters –    Street Name

GL                                                     Fremont Rd

KL                                                      Burke Rd

Please review the Petition Text, and if you support it, please fill out the form below.  For questions, please send an email to

Petition Text:

I am signing this petition to request that our Los Altos Hills City Council not renew the contract for our City Manager that expires on June 30, 2021. Their efforts should be focused on finding a replacement who is better aligned to the needs of our Townspeople.