Transparency –


Los Altos Hills governance could be more transparent. 

Transparency is critical for the functioning of any government, particularly for a small, close-knit, rural community that is served by many committees. 

We are in the process of hiring a new City Manager.  Here is a proposed process in hiring our new City Manager.

If you have suggestions on how we should we proceed, please provide us with your comments.


Here are some additional ideas for transparency;

1. The City Council should form an Ad Hoc committee to proceed with helping to define the duties, responsibilities and skill sets needed for our new City Manager.

2. This Ad Hoc committee should publicly post their deliverables and ask for public input.

3. The negotiation of multi-year and multi-million dollar contracts should be professional and transparent.  We need to avoid mistakes like the GreenWaste contract. 

4. The Council needs to launch a full, independent investigation, without any involvement of the City Management, to find out why so many staff members have left.   This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed.

5.  Review of all of our key providers.  For example, we should evaluate the services provided by our City Attorney and see if we are being well represented.